Joshua Lorenzo Newett is a regular contributor to FIVE THOT, He’s also a novelist, and unbeknownst to us, a poet. Here is his latest poem, Glimpses.


Lament for those first, last, and middle breaths taken but never known to be so. Hear-hear for pulling ourselves out of the muck, clawing and scratching, to look to the heavens wide eyed in wonder Who are we? Where are we? What does this mean?

Glimpses of humanity; a trucker eating alone at a ramshackle rest stop somewhere in the wastelands of Missouri, a child watching her balloon drift through the leaf less trees and into the open sky in Philadelphia, a wedding celebration in Ankara, a small boy atop his father’s shoulders on a dusty road in the Caucuses, and the ancient man with the quivering hands on a bus in Tokyo.

Glimpses of the divine; in the eyes of a dying bull in Pamplona, the roaring quiet of the Antarctic, the wind in the trees late in the evening, morning light falling through the leaves of a massive pin oak, a star streaking across the sky, and all of the quiet and untouched places still left in the world.

Glimpses of mortality; in the woman struck by the bus her blood spurting and leaking across the pavement, the man who leapt from the roof, his legs shattered into an unrecognizable pulp head smashed in like a rotten pumpkin, the panic in the eyes of a mortally wounded soldier, the arrhythmia of a heart, the quite bursting of a blood vessel in the brain, a blade to the liver of a lover, a bullet shattering the sternum of a student.

The wind in the reeds, a melancholy tune, it whispers of men and civilizations long past and forgotten, their bones and secrets buried beneath rock and dirt. The strata are all that’s left of their earthy passions, dreams, hopes, and fears. How many proud and mighty civilizations, and how many more men, have turn to dust in the face of time? How many more will?


Author Joshua Lorenzo Newett is a novelist and English lecturer at the Korean Naval Academy in Jinhae, South Korea where he lives with his wife and son. He is interested in evolutionary biology, the Cold War, international relations, existentialism, British roadsters, sailing, jujitsu, East Asian history and cultures, and literature. His first novel, Saving Bill Murray is available here, His second novel, Wine Tasting is Bullshit, is forthcoming.

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