Happy Days' "Jump the Shark" --a meme before your time.

Last week, I posted the article "Did Facebook Jump the Shark with its Target gift card deal?"

Then today, I received a note from my friend El Jefe from Chicago:

You had a post a little while back in which 'jump the shark' was used - and I realized that, similar to 'drinking the kool-aid', many to most of our younger colleagues (which is to say, most of them) would have no idea where that meme came from.

Ouch. It seems I've dated myself.

You see, Fonzie jumped the Shark during the 1976-1977 season of the TV show "Happy Days." And, the term was coined, apparently, ten years later--in 1987,

The meme is now used to define the moment when it's all downhill, and it will never be the same.

And, as for El Jefe's reference to "drinking the Kool-Aid?" That's a reference to the Jonestown massacre of 1978.

I know, I know, long before you were a glimmer in your parent's eye.

Here's a timely article (also from last week) on the Jump the Shark meme.

Thanks El Jefe. You know this means you're old too!

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