Hugo Lopez is the “Perfect Fit” for Levi’s.

One of the most cumbersome parts of shopping is finding the perfect fit. Moving in and out of the dressing room, trying on a million pairs of everything, and deciding what size you are for each brand can be tiresome.

Imagine if you didn’t have this burden, because you knew that that the shirt you were holding in your hand would fit your body perfectly. How could you know this for certain? Well, what if the brand designed their size off of your body?

Model Hugo Lopez is lucky enough to be in this exact situation. Levi’s told him that he is “the perfect” medium, and now molds every shirt, jean jacket, outwear, and online bottom off of his torso and legs. Hugo says the experience “…is pretty surreal for an ex chubby kid. Now I walk down the street and see people wear "my" shirts!

Although genetics had a lot to do with Hugo’s perfect torso size, Hugo himself made sure he was in the right place at the right time to show off those genes. Hugo took a bit of the DIY approach to his modeling career and it has been working out in his favor.

When Hugo realized college wasn’t the route he wanted to take, he moved back home to pursue his passion for acting and performing arts. Hugo thought modeling might be a good way to get his foot in the door, so he commissioned the help of his sister and her camera, and they made Hugo a rudimentary modeling portfolio. This portfolio got Hugo a few shoots and paid gigs, and with those he began to strengthen his portfolio. Although no professional photographers wanted to work with the still unsigned model, Hugo began making the needed connections with other models, who helped him get signed to a smaller agency. It was at this agency that Hugo gained a collection of new work. Eventually he had enough to fill a binder that with photos he printed himself and took to an open call at his dream agency, JE Model Management. Hugo was signed on the spot and began working with Levi’s a few months later.

Today Hugo channels a bit of the performer in him through his clothing brand, Sexual Nature. With his business partner Brian Ball, they throw events around San Francisco.

When asked how often Hugo wears Levi’s he responded, “Everyday! I love 'em. I wear 511’s slims, 510’s super skinny's, 606 and right now I'm into customizing 501's.” Check out Hugo here, and Sexual Nature here.

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