If it’s Right, It Happens.

“If it is right, it happens — The main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away.” -John Steinbeck.

My boyfriend sent me that quote a few days ago, and it kept bouncing in my mind since.

There are clearly three different parts in that quote, and I don't know about you but I partially agree with one, completely agree with another, and fully disagree with the third.

#1 "If it is right, it happens"

Well, kind of. I partially agree with this one.

It’s right in the sense of “if it is meant to be” then it happens. Right, but you may need to help, to push it in the right direction. Because, what is "meant to be", really? 

Are bad things meant to be as well? Nonsense. Nothing is meant to be.

I truly believe that we make most of our own luck, so in order to make it happen you need to put yourself in a position where "this" can happen. Nobody or nothing will do it for you.

You may object and say that it happens because it is precisely right for you, and the reason that makes it right for you is that you can make it happen. Confused? 

#2 "The main thing is not to hurry"

I completely agree with that part! 

Haste is an enemy. But we must not be mistaken. It doesn't mean that we must do things slowly. We must keep moving, all the time. Nevertheless, when your inner voice annoys you, you must slow down, take time to think, and take time to observe. More time enables your brain to build the right solution.

Or, if you're lucky, it could solve itself, like magic! Sometimes, and I love this, you feel like you do nothing, just procrastinate, and problems solve themselves. You can then take credit that you were smart and intuitive enough to let this happen ;) 

#3 "Nothing good gets away"

With this I completely disagree. Unfortunately.

Life would be so nice and easy if that was the case. 

I am afraid it is even the contrary. Good things rarely last.

Most of the time, you struggle, or even fight to get good things to happen.

To complete that process, you must acknowledge that these things are good. 

How many people realize that they care about something once they lost it? And guess what, when it's lost, you have a tiny microscopic chance to get it back. Too late. And here you are, crying for yourself because you missed it. 

Guess what, you missed it because you thought it was granted. You thought nothing good gets away.


And you know what, probably more good than bad things get away...or maybe you just don't notice when bad things fade.

So, stay focused on what you want, on what is important to you, on what makes you happy. Keep fighting for the good things that happen in your life. Enjoy and acknowledge every second. You may just have a chance to keep them.

Guest author and entrepreneur Valerie Grison is the Founder, CEO and Creative Director of StoraLab, a company creating exciting, engaging online & mobile experiences for kids age 7-14. You can also find her @VGrison on Twitter

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