Introducing the "Alumi-Tek" Coors Light Silver Bullet Aluminum Pint

Coors continues its quest for product differentiation through packaging.

In 2007, the brewer introduced the "Cold-Activated" bottle that displayed imagery of its Rocky Mountain (Colorado) home when the beer hit a certain temperature (apparently for those who can't figure out when a beer is cold enough by touching the bottle or can).

Now, they're introducing the Coors Light Silver Bullet Aluminum Pint.

The 16 oz. product is Cold Activated (with a Cold Activation Window in secondary packaging), sparking the term "Alumi-Tek" to describe the new design and technology.

Design benefits are: portability with a resealable twist off cap and wide mouth opening for a "smooth pour." The unbreakable, 100 percent recyclable bottle helps keep beer cold and is perfect for any occasion, according to the brewer.

And the benefits of growing from a 12 ounce can to a 16 ounce pint are immeasurable to both brewer and consumer alike.

“The Coors Light Silver Bullet bottle represents a great opportunity for us,” said Rick Gomez, vice president, Coors Family of Brands. “We’ve seen our past innovations drive share and volume growth. And we’re going to really leverage the Silver Bullet bottle to gain incremental distribution.”

Source: Beer News and Brandweek

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