Jack Knows: Introducing a Love Doctor by Another Name.

I’ve been asked to introduce myself. I’m Jack Reid, and it’s nice to meet you. 

The folks at FIVE THôT have asked me to write a regular column. I’ll be giving love, sex, and relationship advice. The column is for both women and men. It’s for women who want to know how guys think and feel, and for guys who want advice on how to treat their love, sex, and relationship partners. We’ll touch on taboo topics of all sorts, and speak frankly and directly to the issues that affect all of us. I’ll share my experiences, as well as stories I’ve heard, and advice I’ve given. In addition to the column, I’ll be taking questions in a weekly forum where you’ll get to ask me anything you’d like.

So who am I to give such advice?

I’m not a psychologist, anthropologist or sociologist (although I studied all three at college). I’m not a matchmaker or yenta. I’m just a guy who innately knows what guys and girls want from each other, and am pretty good at helping them achieve their goals.

I’ve been lucky enough to have found my talent—my gift if you will, pretty early on in life. You see, I’m an advice-giver; a problem-solver; and observer, who can draw on intuition, experience and know-how to effectively deal with most intimate, and delicate situations. Some say I’m particularly good when it comes to romance, love and relationships. I’m the one that friends call when they’ve been cheated-on, lied-to, or even proposed-to out of the blue. Friends say I’m good under pressure.

Some call me a Love Doctor, but I just say, “Jack Knows” whenever I’m asked why I can help most people with what challenges them in their love life. As we tried to come up with the column name, I offered “Jack Doesn’t Know Jack.” But we settled on “Jack Knows” –probably a little bit more appealing, don’t you know.

So if I’m going to be your confidant, your consigliore, and your new go-to-guy, I suppose you’d like to know a little bit more about me.

In general, I’d describe myself pretty much as an ordinary, and unremarkable guy. I’m 32, lived most of my life in Southern Oregon before moving to San Francisco for college. I have a great group of friends, a pretty cool job, and an amazeballs apartment that I share with my puppy dog “Bruiser” (she’s a sweetheart). I’m currently single, but I’m hopeful that status could change at any moment. I’m an ENFJ (for you Meyers Briggs fans), and I call my parents every Sunday. I have rapid-fire texting skills and think online dating is the shits. I’m no vegan, but aspire to be; I’m taller than you’d think and willing to listen to you for hours.

Everyone has a talent—I’m no one special. And, like most talents I didn’t plan on it, study for it, or even realize I had it until someone else pointed out that I was pretty good at giving calming advice in stressful situations. But I’m looking forward to making “Jack Knows” a place where I can help with a little problem solving, and give you a little support when love, sex, and relationships become a tangled web of communication challenges and heartache.

So ask me anything. I’m looking forward to getting to know you.


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