LBJ and Lady Bird’s Love Letters Released for Valentine’s Day.

Lyndon Baines Johnson—the 36st President of the United States who rose to the presidency upon the assassination of President Kennedy, was known as a tough-talking, arm-twisting Texas politician. He was known as the Master of the Senate—a man who could get things done.

And it seems, he was a “closer” in his romantic life as well.

On this Valentine’s Day, the LBJ Presidential Library at the University of Texas is releasing the courtship letters of a young LBJ to his intended—Lady Bird (nee Claudia Alta Taylor). 

Their courtship lasted a mere 2 ½ months and their marriage was sustained for 39 years—until LBJ’s death in 1973. The romance between Lyndon and Lady Bird was most likely spurred on by nearly 100 love letters. Here is an excerpt from Politico.

“I want to hear you say over and over again that ‘I love you,’” he wrote her one Sunday morning that September. “Again I repeat — I love you — only you. Want to always love you — only you … I don’t want to go on this way. Do you? Will you tell me? Give me lots of letters next week. I’m going to need them. Mix some ‘I love you’ in the lines and not between them.”

OK, maybe not so much “love letters” as an official “directive” from the then congressional aide.

The Master of the Senate, ladies and gentlemen.

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