MAC Uses Female Bodybuilder For Their Strength Collection.

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As I walked about in malls as a kid, I never questioned the women that were photographed in advertisements in department stores. With tiny waists, lean frames, petite stomachs, and small shoulders, they looked how they were "supposed" to look…feminine and waifish. C'est la vie.

On the opposed end, muscular female frames were (are) typically deemed as "gross and unattractive". More importantly, they are never used in print advertisements to market towards women since they are not the "norm".

With that said, can we females take a look at the above photo from cosmetic line MAC and just say our OMGs?! This woman is absolutely gorgeous and definitely not a conventional female prototype. 

We all know that the female body must have certain conforming traits when it comes to what is publicized for society to consume, and anything out of the ordinary is not easily tolerated. But why would muscular women be seen as unattractive or worse, gross?

According to, the diet and exercise regiment for female bodybuilders is on par with that of most professional athletes. They eat about “2,000-6,000 calories a day depending on body type and genetics.”

So they workout intensely, build strong muscles, and eat a healthy, protein-based diet yet this lifestyle and their bodies are seen as disgusting? Where does that inane logic come from?

In an article on, the balance that women are typically required to maintain femininity is described as a delicate one. We must be "lean, but not muscular; athletic but not defined; soft but never squishy." While this may not be news to any woman, this balance truly is excruciatingly difficult to sustain. Femininity is not a "one size fits all" mentality.

This is why this MAC cosmetics advertisement for their Strength Collection should strike a strong chord with all women; it showcases that any woman, in any form, can be feminine and beautiful. MAC has even featured men in their print ads as well (Ricky Martin was featured in an ad earlier this year). The company continues to push boundaries when it comes to unconventional beauty and this new ad is no different. 

The tag for collection says it all, "Strike a powerful pose, stand out, redefine the notion of beauty - and do it with strength too irresistible to ignore." In other words, be brave and break any preconceived feminine notions that stand in your way. Don't be the 'norm", you gorgeous thing, you!  

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