MTV says "I Just Want My Pants Back"

MTV has one rule it must follow in order to stay relevant. They need to keep current with the ever-evolving 20-something generation. The formula is simple: produce content that sits somewhere just south of urban cutting edge, and north of midwestern mall chic.

They tried with "Skins" although that proved just a bit too provocative for advertisers.

Now they've got a new half-hour "dramedy" called "I Just Want My Pants Back," which appears to be provocative enough for today's 20-something hipster (and hipster adjacent) crowd, without being too sexy for Madison Avenue. 

The show is based on the novel of the same name by David J. Rosen. Television series based on a novel is not a novel approach <pun apology>, and can help satisfy those in the boardroom who fear newness and unproven concepts. Rosen also created the series,  which will hopefully keep it from straying too far from the original idea.

"I Just Want My Pants Back" follows a recently graduated dude who moves to Brooklyn and is trying to live the hipster life with the help of his friends. The concept is very "Friends"-esque, as many series are.

Mary McNamara, television critic for the Los Angeles Times thinks MTV is doing a 180 from Skins. "There, the kids were just too awful to be believed; here, with their tendency to utter pop cultural references as if they were heroic couplets, they're a bit too cute. Yet behind all the hipster wordplay, the characters are strangely charming. You know they're just talking tough because they're adrift and more than a little afraid, and what's more they know it too, which gives the show a heart it so easily might not have had."

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