MTV's "Skins" is losing its battle with advertisers. And, may lose the war without a popular uprising

MTV's controversial show "Skins" appears to be losing the battle with advertisers, and unless the audience speaks up, they may lose the war.

"Skins" which depicts teens dealing with sex and drugs, has been shedding advertisers. Clearasil and Red Bull were noticeably absent from this week's episode of "Skins" after having appeared in previous weeks.

Other advertisers including Taco Bell, L'Oreal, Schick, Subway, H&R Block, and General Motors abandoned the show following vocal commentary, a drop in ratings, and threats of boycotts from conservative "family" groups.

It seems that the only counter-offensive to save the show is a popular uprising. Meaning, if the show can demonstrate a large, vocal and loyal audience base, the program may come out a winner, and advertisers might return.

Another of MTV's controversial shows, Jersey Shore, won over the angry protestors due to its popularity. As soon as ratings soared, and the PR machine exploded, the cries of "Racist," "too much sex and drinking" and "Anti-Italian-American" faded off into the distance.

So far, MTV has not seen the same mass adoption for "Skins" that "Jersey Shore" has enjoyed. While the show launched with 3.3 million viewers, that number has dwindled to fewer than 1 million the last two weeks.

Skins has been labeled as "the most dangerous show" on television for children by the Parents Television Council. The PTC has also called for investigations into charges the show's young actors are involved in child pornography and exploitations.

Will anyone rise up to counter that position?

Source: Broadcasting & Cable

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