Nickelodeon to launch primetime programming for working moms. Set your channel favorites to "NickMom"

Nickelodeon is launching a new slate of evening programming targeted at moms. Apparently, the Mom's witching hour(s) is 9pm to 1am--after they come home from work, and settle the kids into bed (or doing homework).The old fashioned broadcast networks used to call this "primetime" with programming for the entire family.

For decades, specific women's targeted programming existed during the day--from soap operas to Oprah, but now networks are acknowledging that women, like men, are working during the day, busy afterwork with family duties, and don't settle in to watch television until after 9 pm.

Lifetime, Oxygen, and Bravo know that women are watching at these hours, and now Nickelodeon wants to steal a sub-segment of this audience and is targeting moms with their "NickMom" block.

Nick is catering to an audience of women aged 40 and under, especially mothers who watched the channel when they were children. The Wall Street Journal reports that about 25% of mothers today watched Nick when they were kids, according to Nielsen.

Programming is said to include a "Real Mom" reality show and a show called "Double Mom," where a comedian takes a mother's place for a day.

The network is also considering the airing of old episodes of "The Brady Brunch" with pop-up bubbles showing what Carol Brady and other characters were really thinking. The idea is to create content that "appeals to the sense of humor that mothers share," says Cyma Zarghami, president of Nickelodeon Networks.

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