Past Life Regression

Guest Author Brock Daves is a photographer, Visual Artist, Electronic Musician, Metaphysical Thrill Seeker, and feels bacon should be it's own condiment. 

Imagine a bird, a flower, and a tree. All it took were these three things to take me to another timeline that I was apparently in. It seems like more and more people that I talk to believe that we reincarnate after our life is over and so is the belief system of many ancient spiritualities. If you ask me it’s a concept that goes hand in hand with the conservation of mass which is the principle that matter is neither created nor destroyed, so is it possible that consciousness can travel from body to body from life time to life time?

The process of Quantum past life regression therapy gives us a platform to explore this side of reality. Under hypnosis the conscious and subconscious are able to meet as one. Now when I refer to hypnosis I’m not referring to the process of swinging a pocket watch in front of your face and a clap of the hands that pulls you out of the trance but more of a guided meditation that you are conscious and aware through most of the experience. It’s very much like being in a waking dream or looking through the eyes of another individual because in a way you are. 

But why would you want to have this experience this in the first place? Esoteric culture suggests that we bring emotions, trauma, and even physical ailments across lifetimes. In my case, I have experienced stress and anxiety on a daily basis since I was in elementary school and I’ve been on everything from Ritalin to Lexipro to Wellbutrin as well as trying safe alternatives with really no positive results. While Past Life Regression Therapy didn’t fix all of my problems, it certainly made a difference as I felt emotionally lighter after my session. 

Now for the fun part. Who was I in my past life? As I start to visualize the world around me, things start to look like New England in the 1700’s. My quantum therapist asks me to describe my dwellings, what I ate, how I eat and other habits to build a profile as to who this past life individual is. From what I could gather, I was some kind of survivalist/ hunter in my community. I seemed use these skills to gather pelts and sell them in the community. It seemed that I was a societal outcast but given my profession seemed to still have a level of respect for me. I had the sense that I had been an orphan in my childhood and continued to be a loner into my adulthood.The details that my quantum therapist was able to get from me were so technical it became extremely difficult to accept the experience I was having was not real.  She asked me to go to a significant event in my lifetime, and things would flash forward to a crowd in the middle of town witnessing a young teenage boy who was about to hang. My therapist asked me “what are you feeling this moment”. I responded that I was upset and angry as to I knew this boy was falsely accused of his crimes and did not deserve to hang as the real perpetrator was still out there but knew because of my status that there was nothing I could do for him. 

There also seemed to be a woman of higher class that always appeared in a white dress that pined for but again because of my social status was unable to even speak to her given she came from money and I was some badass woodsman outcast. I can say I’m pretty sure she was unaware of my presence as I tried to stay under everyone’s radar. I could only see her from a distance but I still crushed pretty hard for her. 
My quantum therapist then brought me to the moment in which I died. It was sunset on top of a hill that looked over my sea side community under a lone tree. I knew this was my favorite place to go and this is where I wanted to be when I died. I remember communicating to my therapist that the present me was ready to end the experience as I could feel the intense loneliness that this man that I had once been was feeling. I started to tear up as I felt empathy for this person as this was what I felt as a child. When I was a kid my folks weren’t around much because they worked a lot and I didn’t have any brothers and sisters so I spent a lot of time by myself. It’s also difficult to make friends as an only child as your peers usually do have siblings and learn how to take social queues from your family earlier on in life. That being said as I grew older things became easier as I learn fast and by high school I was Vice president of my senior class and thrived socially in college. 

When I moved to California a year and a half ago, I found myself alone again. I was living in a studio apartment in the East Bay and I hadn’t really found that support system that you have when you have known your friends for a while. I also found my transition difficult from the East coast to the West. I had transferred with my job and found that my company might as well been another company all together given the different management style of my new team. It was for the worst, as I was being asked to do things that didn’t agree with my strict moral code or the companies corporate guidelines. 

I ended up leaving that job and It crushed me as I absolutely enjoyed my position back home. I was now un employed, sad, and stressed. When your universe seems to be crumbling around you and you’re searching for the next step, but have no idea where to start things can start to get pretty heavy especially when your support system is on the other side of the continent. I was lost, but when I found out about this process I was willing to try just about anything to get back on track and to subdue some of this anxiety.

I learned to be ok with being alone. It gave me and opportunity to introduce myself to myself in a way that I could provide the nurturing that we look to our friends for on my own. Soon after my social life started to pick up and I decided to finally go into business for myself as a photographer as I have always been a creative type not to mention having a BFA in film and video. It took me 3 months to put together a pretty solid portfolio (if I may say so myself). I can attribute a lot of this  progress to the experience I had under hypnosis. Whether or not what I experienced was in fact a past life, It was very real. This events I witnessed as I was under are now memories as real as those I’ve had in this life. People ask me “do you really believe in all of this?” I can’t say no because it was so real that it just speaks to the phrase “perception is reality”. 

That being said folks, no matter what your belief system is, based on my experiences I can tell you that it would seem that most of what we have been lead to believe about how life works and what happens when we die, is way more complicated than we even imagined and I would encourage each and every one of you to expand your mind and seek out some of these answers yourself as there are channels out there for you to explore your own existence.

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