Petition to the White House: Create A National R2-D2 Day.

Last year a petition asking the White House to consider building it’s very own Death Star passed it’s 25,000 signature mark and thus, the White House considered the (im)possibility and released a statement that they’re not in the business of blowing up planets. Alas, no Death Star.

With that said, you’d think that a petition to honor and commemorate everyone’s favorite astromech would garner enough signatures to pass on to the White House. The petition sits at a mere 451 signatures out of 99k as I write this, with the 451st signature being my own.

The petition asks the Obama Administration to observe a national R2-D2 day whose motto would be “Self-less, not Selfish,” and pay homage to under appreciated heroes.

451 measly signatures! One would imagine that J.J. Abrams and team could pick this petition up off the ground for some ridiculously early promotional marketing for Star Wars VII. Help us JJ, you’re our only hope. Sign the petition here.

Star Wars Stamp image via rook76 /
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