Reindeer Research Program examines consumer's appetite for reindeer meat

Researchers at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks are conducting a study to determine whether consumers will buy reindeer meat.

They're using 500 pounds of the meat from three slaughtered reindeer and offering it for sale at the HomeGrown Market in Fairbanks, Alaska. Since the start of August, about 350 of the 500 pounds have been sold.

The meat sells for $25 a pound ($20 per pound for burgers)--quite a high premium considering the average pound of ground beef sells for $6.

While you may question the sample target (Alaskans), people as far away as South Carolina have ordered shipments, too. 

"To me it's the novelty of it that's making it go at these prices," said the owner of HomeGrown Market (via AOL News). "The first 60 days, I think people are just going to buy it because it's reindeer. But what's it going to take for people in Vegas to want to buy reindeer, to go to a restaurant and say, 'Beef, pork, chicken, that's great, but what about reindeer?' I don't mean just the upper-end class, but for average people to say, 'We're going to mix this in to change up our diet because it's exceptionally good meat.'"

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