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If you are in California, most likely you have heard that we are in a severe drought. Farms are paying more for water, which results in using our reserves, and charging more at the grocery register. We are using water at a higher rate than the desalination plants can recover it, than the Earth can melt from the mountains, and definitely faster than recycling all the plastic in the world to store it in. Whether you are experiencing the effects of a drought or not, we can all take some time to improve our daily habits to use this oh-so-precious resource more efficiently. Here are some things I have been doing recently to save some water here and there.

1) Save that boiled water! If you are steaming or blanching veggies, or making some eggs, or cleaning some dirty kitchen utensils, save the water! Plug your sink, and dump the water in, let it cool (or not), and use that water to soak your dishes as you wash them. Try not to have the water running while soaping them. If you don't use them for dishes, save the water, let it cool, and use it to clean around the house or water your plants, the grass outside, that tree in your backyard.

2) Take shorter showers, or do it less often. I grew up showering daily, sometimes even twice a day. I am adamant about keeping good hygiene. But sometimes, we have to be conscious of how much water we are using in the shower. Ideally, you should get in and get out within 8-10 minutes, or even better: 5 minutes. Most of us will take 20 minutes or so. You can bear the cold for the first 45 seconds, and move quickly through the motions. You've got a whole world to explore! Of course it is nice to relax during a hot shower, but let's be mindful of the energy and water that is used. Here is a great chart to give you an estimate about typical water usages in gallons. Can you believe a typical usage rate is 70 gallons a day?

3) Get a reusable water bottle, that can hold both hot and cold liquids. Or use a single glass for all your drinks. Consume as much water as you can using a reusable bottle. It will be near impossible to use no water in production, but avoid buying one-time use items, such as plastic water bottles, coffee cups, glass bottles that are one-time use, etc. It takes water to power machines, cool machines, and clean the products during these production processes. Using a single glass throughout the day will lower the number you wash at the end of the night.

Here's a fantastic list to get you in full-on water-saving mode.

Sophie Calzada is a California loving Libra who has made her home in the Bay Area. When she's not working on writing projects, you can find her playing board games, disc golfing in Golden Gate Park, grooving to her favorite bands and producers, or biking around the Bay on the search for her new favorite beer. She enjoys curating a life where happiness and lending a helping hand coincide in splendid harmony.

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