TBWA Egypt takes to the streets of Cairo--in a clean-up effort

Ad agency staffers at TBWA Egypt were inspired by the recent revolution in their country.

After brainstorming around ideas to how they could help re-build their country, the agency decided to launch El Balad Baladna ("This Place Is Our Country"). The project is designed to help make Egypt a cleaner and better place.

Partnering with household cleaning products client Henkel, TBWA will gather volunteers to scrub and clean sidewalks that were covered with graffiti during the rebellious protests which led to the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak.

The effort is sponsored by Henkel brands Persil detergent and Pril dishwashing liquid. A TV spot by TBWA that Egyptian TV channels are airing for free explains the project, along with posters and a social media campaign on Twitter @elbaladbaladna and at facebook.com/elbaladbaladna.

Source: Ad Age

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