Ten Things That Jack Knows About Sex and Relationships

Some call me a Love Doctor, but I just say, “Jack Knows” whenever I’m asked why I can help most people with what challenges them in their love life. 

Hi, I’m Jack and I’m not a psychologist, anthropologist or sociologist (although I studied all three at college). I’m not a matchmaker or yenta. I’m just a guy who innately knows what guys and girls want from each other, and am pretty good at helping them achieve their goals.

Over the last few months, in my column “Jack Knows” I’ve touched on taboo topics of all sorts. I’ve tried to speak frankly and directly to the issues that affect all of us. I’ve shared my experiences, as well as stories I’ve heard, and advice I’ve given.

Here’s a summary of the stuff I’ve spewed so far (click the headline to read more):

  1. Jack Knows The Power of Vulnerability 

  2. Jack Knows How Loud You Are During Sex 

  3. Jack Knows How we Sexualize Self Worth 

  4. Jack Knows You Need to Date and Have Sex as Often as You Can

  5. Jack Knows When the Romance is Over

  6. Jack Knows When to Walk Away from a Threesome

  7. Jack Knows Never Take Advice from a Friend 

  8. Jack Knows About Traveling 2,475 Miles for Casual Sex 

  9. Jack Knows: I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It

  10. Jack Knows 10 Potentially Deadly Conflicts in Any Relationships

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