THE HIP-STIR #1: George Takei dances, and Joseph Kony wears biker jeans

Hey there, FIVERS! Welcome to the first edition of THE HIP-STIR, a weekly digest of popular things from the furthest reaches of the social net. Each week, we’ll be talking about FIVE trendy tid-bits of content; from viral videos to trending topics. We’ll make sure we find the good stuff so you don’t have to! Today, George Takei dances happily, "The New iPad" doesn't need a version number, social networks decide they're "activists" againInstagram’s android app is so close you can touch it and Levi's loves bikers.

Enjoy...and come back often, to THE HIP-STIR.

Let's start with Levi’s loves bikers

Levi’s has once again proved how undeniably trendy their brand is by launching a new line of jeans and apparel geared specifically at bikers. The new line, called The Commuter, is designed to bring style and function to bikers who need to constantly endure natures elements in their travels. The apparel is water resistant, reflective, and flexible; and the jeans even sport a slot for easy U-lock storage. Now all they need to do is make the pant-legs roll themselves to easily accommodate fixie-riding hipsters.

Next George Takei dances happily...

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