THE HIP-STIR #2: Kick-start your bicycles for a backwards stop-motion Lego party

Hello again, and welcome to the second edition of THE HIP-STIR; a weekly revue of trendy things from around the web. This week in hipness: The backwards stop-motion cover of dust in the wind, The Sutro City Bike, Mad Men Inspired Jewlery, Build Your Own LEGO R2D2, and Nike's Entrance to Alternate-Reality Fitness. 

First up:

Yeah, you've heard of stop-motion... but what about BACKWARDS stop-motion?!

In this viral video, MysteryGuitarMan plays the entirety of Kansas' "Dust in the Wind," backwards... one note at a time. The beginning of this video is literally the end of the shooting process. The effect makes for a very interesting experience. Check out how it was made here.

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