THE IN-CROWD: Babies to Baby Boomers, Gen Y to The Greatest Generation—audiences and cultures are examined close-up at THE FIVE-STIR.

The sexes, the races, the classes, and the urban’s vs the suburban’s—all are sliced, diced and analyzed by THE IN-CROWD.

THE IN-CROWD personifies stereotypes and aggregates classes. We know the behavioral difference between an X-er, Boomer and a Millennial. We point out the villains and the heroes, and examine the 99%, and the 1%.

The voices of THE IN-CROWD know of what they speak—we are men and women, boomers and millennial, gays and straights, pure-race and mixed-race, teens, tweens, middle-aged and seniors.

THE IN-CROWD points out the misinterpretations of narcissistic behavior vs. self-confidence, and the difference between masculine vs feminine behavior and gender. We think about nature vs nurture, WASP vs Southern Eccentrics, and the Coasts vs The Bible Belt as it relates to politics, marketing, and our day-to-day lives. And we deliver it all, with a patented THE FIVE-STIR brand of wit and wisdom. 

You should join THE IN-CROWD.

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