The Superpowers of IDEA PEOPLE and IDEA MAKERS.

There are IDEA PEOPLE—those who imagine what’s never been thought of before. And there are IDEA MAKERS—those who make, build, and promote what’s never been made before.

IDEA PEOPLE and IDEA MAKERS both are super heroes. They use their mind and talents to imagine, and make things that no one else could have imagined. Neither are copycats, or mimics, or transactional thinkers. They have a superpower in their ability to imagine, and create.

So what separates IDEA PEOPLE from IDEA MAKERS? Both love to innovate, to create, to disrupt and imagine possibilities. Both envision change, and rarely spend time thinking about the status quo.

But while IDEA MAKERS tingle at the thought of turning an idea into reality, IDEA PEOPLE tend to be comfortable with the seed of an idea being left in its raw form—an idea. There are those who are talented in the ability to come up with an idea, and see it through to reality, and there are those who are good at one, and not the other. Both are super heroes with superpowers. And all should be revered. Steve Jobs was an IDEA MAKER as he could take a seed of an idea and make it “a thing”—and would change how the world works (Woz is an IDEA person). Orson Welles was more talented in the idea, than the ability to turn his idea into reality.

There are those among us who can imagine one hundred ideas a day and most (all?) will be fleeting thoughts. Then there are those who take one, two, three, or four ideas, and turn them into reality. Most successful serial entrepreneurs are IDEA MAKERS. IDEA PEOPLE who are successful in business tend to either partner with IDEA MAKERS or have the talent to do both.

Here’s how to tell if you are an IDEA person, or an IDEA MAKER: 

  • Do you love imagining something that’s never been thought of before? Then you are an IDEA person.
  • Do you get bored trying to figure out how to make something happen? Then you’re an IDEA person.
  • Do you think of another idea before you’ve even finished your thought about your first idea? Then you are an IDEA person.
  • Do you get all tingly when you see the result of your idea come off an assembly line, show up online, or see someone use or buy a product you created? Then you’re an IDEA MAKER.
  • Do you love to build things? Then you are an IDEA MAKER.
  • Do you feel that “a job well done” is seeing an idea turn into a reality? Then you are an IDEA MAKER.

Sometimes IDEA PEOPLE are dismissed for not being able to see things through to being made. But we say, without an idea, what would we have to make in the first place. For every Steve Jobs, there must be a Woz.

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