The Top Five Confessions From A Wing Girl In 2012

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Each week, FIVE THôT brings you "Confessions from a Wing Girl," from Marni Kinrys--a woman who puts her insider knowledge to good use for the betterment of all men by telling them what women REALLY want, not what they say they want.

Marni has worked with 100's of thousands of men all over the world to help them understand women so they can attract, date, seduce and get any woman they want without being a jerk. Her method, The Wing Girl Method, is based on the key principle of "You gotta turn yourself on first before any woman will ever be attracted to you". For more about Marni, click here.

1) Confessions From A Wing Girl: Learning How to Be A Better Man

My buddy Anonymous here has a slew of questions for Marni. Kinda sorta doing the long distance thing and unsure about his new pen pals history of drug use and faulty relationships, but it's the fact that she's religious that makes me want to tell him to RUN BRO.

2) Confessions From A Wing Girl: When Should A Guy Approach A Woman?

I know we should always approach a woman if we're feeling confident enough but Marni talks about some common assumptions that men make about women, fears disguised as intelligent justifications she calls them. 

3) Confessions From A Wing Girl: Do I NEED To Be Funny To Get The Girl?

Forgetting to laugh at yourself? Cat got your tongue? Ah, to be nervous. Adam can't seem to find his sense of humor when approching women, what does Marni have to say?

4) Confessions From A Wing Girl: Is One Girl Enough?

Sexual experience is one thing I'm pretty certain most people wish they had more of. Dennis wants to know if he should explore his own sexual prowess a bit more before settling down with the only girl he's ever slept with, his girlfriend.

5) Confessions From A Wing Girl: Will A Date Mind If I Don’t Have My Own Place?

Sometimes our own perceptions of ourselves get the better of us, especially when you're sleeping on a friends couch while apartment hunting, and Matt's worried he may look like a deadbeat.

Have a question for Marni? Email us and see if The Wing Girl Method might work for you.

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