The Vest is Best: Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum is defending his right to bare arms.

Conservative presidential hopeful Rick Santorum saw a surge of support in the Iowa Caucus' but dropped back  in the New Hampshire primary. He's been up-and-down in the polls. The media has been all over him for his socially conservative views, as well as his choice of clothing.


No other candidate gets the menswear review like Santorum. You see, he prefers the sweater vest, the traditional choice of East Coast grandfathers and Midwest college football coaches. The New York Times reports that he owns them in navy blue, gray and tan. Members of his staff recently ordered vests embroidered with the Santorum campaign logo.

The vests have inspired their own Twitter feed — @FearRicksVest — and a Web site,, which redirects to a pro-Santorum Facebook page. There is also a music video, “Sleeves Slow Me Down,” on YouTube.

The brand perception of the sweater vest fits Santorum to a T--traditional, sensible, and always covering something up.

“One of my supporters said this is my second amendment vest… the right to bare arms.” says Santorum.

You can purchase a Santorum V online for around $100.

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