This Week’s Five Confessions from a Wing Girl

Our resident Wing Girl Marni Kinrys dishes out the advice you wish someone had told you sooner.  She’s worked with 100's of thousands of men all over the world to help them understand women so they can attract, date, seduce and get any woman they want without being a jerk. Her method, The Wing Girl Method, is based on the key principle of "You gotta turn yourself on first before any woman will ever be attracted to you".

If you’ve missed any of Marni’s recent advice, here’s a round-up of five of our favorite “Confessions.”

How Do I Meet Her Without Being Rude?

I usually don't have too much trouble approaching a woman who is by herself, or a woman who is in a group but not actively talking to anyone. But I hesitate to approach a woman who is already engaged in a conversation with either a girl or guy. I am afraid I'll be perceived as rude for interrupting their conversation. Problem is, at most social settings people are already talking to others at least 60-80% of the time. So how do I approach someone without being seen as rude, interrupting a conversation, etc. Is it all just in my head? What does Marni have to say...

Lost in it just the sex?

I am really attracted to this girl I met online. Her name is Rachel, and she’d from Brazil. She is awesome gorgeous and really cool. The problem is we don’t really communicate a lot. I mean, we have these big long gaps in our communication—just complete silence for minutes on end. It drives me a little crazy, because I’m not sure if we don’t have a lot to talk about, or because of the language differences she speaks English but not fluently, and I only know “El Pollo Loco Spanish.” How can I tell whether it's the language thing, or that its we actually that we don’t have that much to say to each other. BTW, did I mention the sex is great? Here is Marni's two cents on the topic...

What makes a woman feel 'the spark' for a guy?

I'm sure the answer varies from one person to another, but I'm sure there are some common elements - looks, confidence, character, personality?

I'm specifically asking this Qs since the last three girls that I briefly dated (3 to 5 dates with each) all used almost exactly the same words ('don't feel enough spark' or variation thereof) when letting me know that they don't want to continue dating (but would like to stay in touch as friends). What says Marni?

You gotta have some self respect.

I used to date this girl named Stephanie. When I met her she said she was in the middle of a breakup with this dude Mark. But, she never really broke up with the guy. I eventually ended the relationship because clearly she was still into her ex. Last week (2 years after we broke up) I ran into her at a bar and we got real friendly. In fact, we ended up going home with each other. She told me she wanted me back, and my hopes soared. We scheduled a more proper date, but then she had to postpone because…wait for it, her old boyfriend of two years ago wanted to see her urgently. Really? Really? How could I be dumped twice for the same guy? She still wants to reschedule, and says her relationship with Mark is over, but I don’t know. What does Marni have to say? 

When You Hook-up With Your Best Friend's Ex...

In college I had a great roommate named Adam. Both junior and senior year he dated this awesome girl Kerry. After college Adam and Kerry went their separate ways. Adam left for Boston, and Kerry headed out West to L.A. I too ended up in L.A. Kerry and I have been hanging out a lot in L.A. and well, we ended up hooking up the other night. I have nasty regret about sleeping with my roommates ex-girlfriend, but it was kinda great. What should I do? Stop seeing her because of the whole Adam thing, even though they’re no longer together, or just say “the hell with it” and start up with Kerry? What does Marni think?

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