Top Five Thôts From Rocky McGredy in 2012.

Rocky McGredy is a columnist and editor of FIVE THôT. He has a consumerist view of the world a voice that tells story in a conversational yet powerful tone. If you haven't read all of Rocky's writing, I encourage you to do so. Here are five of our favorites.

1) The College Dropout Chronicles:

      Part 1 :  Part 2  :  Part 3

Students dropout of college for all sorts of different reasons, failing grades, lack of money, depression, drugs, pregnancy, you name it. But who said college is everything? In an age of increasing online educational content and an ever growing student debt rate, there are many of us, myself and Rocky included, that have decided to take our education into our own hands. Why spend a fortune along with many others to be exactly that, just one of many others memorizing standardized information? If you have an interest or a passion, surely there’s a way to apply yourself and gain knowledge without taking out loans you have zero intention of paying back. 

2) Five Pros And Five Cons Of Being A 20-Something

Ten things absolutely everyone can relate to. If you’re in your 40’s, 50’s, whatever age, you remember the late nights drinking with friends, eating ramen twice a day for a month and holding down two jobs. I don’t care if 18 is the legal age at which one becomes an adult, we all know that our twenty’s are our real formative years.

3) Just Because It’s Catchy Doesn’t Mean It’s Good...I Hate Glee

You ever hear someone say something like “It’s that one artist, oh you know, they played the song on Glee.” Yeah, that. I get why something like Glee is popular but someone please remind me why it’s cool to repurpose someone else’s art for monetization and fame?

4) The Perks Of Hitting Rock Bottom

As humans, we have the ability to remember our past mistakes and achievements and learn from such experiences. It’s what’s helped us become the dominant species on this planet, smarts, cognitive learning. So when that inevitable moment comes when life knocks you on your ass, take some time to reflect on yourself, your actions, and what you can do with yourself. 

5) My Bond With Apple: A Thank You To Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was arguably one of the most influential people of the last decade. Having impacted the world over with products like the iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad, he encouraged us to think differently and had passion and personality that was unrivaled. Rocky remembers how Steve Jobs, Apple, Pixar and ultimately his own father influenced his life and eye for design.

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