Twenty Common Behaviors Killed by Technology

Here are twenty things that were killed by technology. From how we hail a cab, write a letter or use a phone—technology has replaced many of our common behaviors.

  1. Roll-up a Window
  2. Get Film Developed
  3. Check your answering machine
  4. Hear a telephone “ring”
  5. Turn the channel
  6. Dial a phone
  7. Find a phone booth
  8. Add and subtract in your head
  9. Hail a cab on a street corner
  10. Tape a TV show
  11. Handwriting a letter
  12. Print out your resume
  13. Light the stove
  14. Read the classifieds
  15. Fold a map
  16. Own an encyclopedia
  17. Send a fax
  18. Scratch a record
  19. Check your own spelling
  20. Call for reservations 

Old TV image courtesy of Shutterstock 


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