What cities house the most Apple loyalists? San Francisco? New York? Madison?

What areas of the country sport the largest number of Apple devices? The folks at Experian Simmons took a look at over 100 U.S. Designated Market Areas (DMA's) with adult populations over 500,000, and examined the percent of local adults who own at least one of the following: iPhone, Mac computer or iPod.

"What," you may ask, "no iPads?"--they say data on iPads will start showing up in May 2012, but that early data shows that most iPad owners have at least on of these other Apple devices.

So, this is what we know today. There are 15 large urban centers with at least 30% of the adult population owning Apple products. San Francisco is at the top of the heep at 37.4%, and interestingly, New York City is tied with Madison, Wisconson at 31.4%--at 14th place on the list.

DMA's with more than 1/3 of the adult population who own Apple products:

  • San Francisco - 37.4%
  • Salt Lake City - 36.5%
  • Austin- 36.1%
  • Washington, DC - 35.8%
  • Seattle - 35.4%
  • Boston - 34%
  • Denver - 33.7%
  • San Diego - 33.7%
  • Portland - 33%

More data can be found here.

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