Who did you think about today?

How many people did you think about today? Yesterday? This week or month? I’m sitting in a café right now, watching a man struggle with his dog’s leash wrapped around a tree; a mother trying to open the café door while negotiating her child’s stroller through the opening. I am thinking about what my clients need from me today, and whether my old friend Adam is still worried about losing his job. I wonder whether Sammy is still trying to get a date with her yoga teacher. I even just thought about whether my dog is having a good time on her outing with the dog walker. 

Let’s face it, images and thoughts pop into our heads all day long—about the people in our lives. They may be strangers sitting right in front of us, or family that’s far away. We think about a lot of people, all day long.

Rarely do others know we are thinking about them. The guy with the dog has no idea I’m looking at him wondering how he’s going to untangle that dog leash. Adam doesn’t know that I’m worried that he’s worried about his job. But the women with the baby stroller caught the eye of someone near her to help with the door—so she was aware that someone was thinking about her. I called my friend Chase earlier today to say “I was just thinking about you, so I thought I’d call.”

For the woman with the baby stroller, and my friend Chase, they both appreciated the thought that someone was thinking about them.

People (generally) like being the idea of about popping up in people’s thoughts. We all like to be considered, remembered—thought-about in a good light, and on a regular basis. It’s one of the ways we connect to others on a cosmic and literal basis.

Who are you thinking about right now? And who do you think is thinking about you? It’s nice to think about.

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