5 Reasons Why SEO Is So Dynamic.

SEO is not a check list and it is not a cookie cutter approach by any means.  SEO is a mindset and companies either have it or they don’t. The search engine marketing landscape is a very dynamic landscape where ideals and allowed efforts are constantly changing. SEO five years ago is not SEO in present time and it is crucial that website owners understand this. Google can adjust their algorithm upwards of 500 times per year which means you have to be willing to roll with the punches.

Here are 5 important reasons why search engine optimization is a dynamic process:

1). Search engines evolve

And boy do they! Over the last two years sites like Google have significantly re-engineered their algorithm to keep up with the elements around them. Everything from beating spammers to key social integrations keeps the search engines evolving. Following the Google Inside Search blog can help you identify the changes that are or will be occurring.

2). Hello social media

Social media is like a broken pituitary gland, it just keeps growing! Social media was once social media but today it is something much different. It has blurred the lines completely between web marketing efforts such as SEO and even pay per click advertising (PPC). Everything works hand in hand now and social media marketing compliments all other web marketing strategies. It is the prime area where companies can distinguish themselves from their competition by establishing a company personality. 

3). Rankings are not the only tool in the shed

Unfortunately rankings are not the only metric that determines success. Rankings are just one part of the online puzzle and many people still directly equate SEO success with where their site sits in the search results. SEO is much more than just rankings; it is the process of being efficient with your digital voice while incorporating elements the search engines require.

4). Personalized search

For those of you who do not know what personalized search is try logging into your Gmail account and conducting a search. Then log out of your Gmail account and conduct the same search over again. You will most likely see a different set of search results, this is called personalized search and it causes rankings to fluctuate changing the definition of SEO altogether.

5). Changing shopping patterns

The way people shop online is always shifting. With every new social tool that rises to the surface a new distraction is created. Sites like Facebook have created a new shopping tool which most consumers are now using for trust purposes. Some consumers will not even purchase if you are not active in social media which was not the case years ago. Years ago a single ranking web page in the search results was enough to get consumers to pull out their credit cards, those days are over.

SEO is a very dynamic landscape that requires heavy branding & marketing along with certain ingredients the search engines need to see. SEO is the process of being efficient so keep that in mind the next time you redesign your website or write a blog post. 

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