6 Degrees of interactive Kevin Bacon for Logitech's Revue

Logitech, and their ad agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners have a hit on their hands with the creative concept for the Logitech Revue.

To make the most of the phenom, they're extending the campaign to a 3-minute+ extended-cut movie featuring a Kevin Bacon fanatic called Ivan Cobenk...played by Kevin Bacon.

The video is not only extended, it is interactive.

By scrolling over different items on the set of the video, you can link over to eBay, where you can bid on the character's possessions. There's also an eBay Store called "Kevin Wonders of the World" filled with Kevin Bacon's Ivan Cobenk's techotchkes.

What's next? My prediction: Kevin Bacon. On a horse. Smelling like a man should smell.

Source: AdFreak

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