7-Eleven encourages President Obama to make good on his pledge for a "Slurpee Summit" with Republicans

We love a brand that jumps when a media opportunity arises.

After President Barack Obama joked that he would meet with Republicans in a "Slurpee Summit" following Tuesday's elections, 7-Eleven officials contacted the White House with an offer to make the event a reality.

This is a rare opportunity for a brand," says Margaret Chabris, a spokeswoman for 7-Eleven. "We don't want to be opportunistic, but nothing has ever been this big for Slurpee."

Chabris goes on to say "If the president wants a Slurpee Summit, we're offering to cater it with red and blue Slurpees...and we'll even offer a purple Slurpee, since that's what you get when you bring red and blue together."

7-Eleven is going so far as to place ads in national newspapers that plays off the idea of Slurpees bringing people together. They're even toying with the idea of an entire Slurpee campaign with a "brings people together" theme.

Source: USA Today

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