A Young Adolf Hitler is Run Over by a C-Class in a Fake Mercedes-Benz Ad.

A fake Mercedes-Benz commercial features a C-Class Mercedes running over a young Adolf Hitler, pretending to be a spot about the collision-prevention device in the luxury German automobile.

According to the Independent, the makers of the video (a film school’s submission) revealed that they were legally obliged by Mercedes to ensure that viewers fully understood that Mercedes-Benz or Daimler AG were not involved with the production of the spoof ad at all. Mercedes-Benz reportedly found the content of the video “inappropriate.”

In the spot, a Mercedes Benz is seen stopping for children playing on the road just in time, due to the collision prevention assist feature of the car, but the warning device is ignored when the car comes upon a young Hitler—subtly suggesting a decidedly different outcome of history had young Adolf actually been killed. The ad ends with the words “Detect dangers before they come up.”

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