Advertising gaffe puts "Osama bin Laden" on a British Airways boarding pass

British Airways' PR executives have a juicy crisis management project on their hands.

It seems that someone in the BA marketing department used a photo of a faux boarding pass with the name Osama bin Laden prominently displayed. The photo was used in a promotion for the airline's new mobile-boarding pass system.

Clearly a dim-witted prank, Yahoo! News reports that the photo appeared in the LHR News, the company's internal staff magazine covering London's Heathrow Airport. The image accompanied an article spelling out the benefits of the mobile-boarding setup, which permits users of mobile digital devices to print out their boarding passes on the fly. The boarding pass reads "Bin Laden/Osama" and appears in the graphic panel of a user's iPhone.

A British Airways spokeswoman told ABC News reporter Scott Mayerowitz that "a mistake has been made in this internal publication and we are working to find out how this occurred."
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