Aflac to introduce new voice mascot during NBC's The Voice

Aflac continues to milk pluck its duck mascot for all it's worth.

While no one I talk to seems to know WHY Aflac's mascot is a duck, the insurance company has certainly used it to its advantage over the years.

And recently, it turned a PR crisis into a publicity stunt when it fired its Duck Voice, comedian Gilbert Gottfried for tasteless tweets about the recent disaster in Japan and immediately launched a very promotional-rich nationwide search for his replacement.

Now they have selected the new duck voiceover, and are introducing the new actor--Dan McKeague, a 36-year-old classic rock radio station sales manager from Minneapolis, MN in a spot scheduled to run during the premiere episode of the much anticipated new singing competition called "The Voice" on NBC.

Kudos to Aflac for a lot of marketing spin.

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