Allow or Deny: Protect your oscillating fan from David Hasselhoff

Ads for Norton's anti-virus software are quickly moving up my list of favorite ads of 2010. Why? because anyone bold enough to use '80s band Dokken; David "don't hassle the Hoff" Hasselhoff; a chicken and an oscillating fan, is OK in my book.

The ads seek to illustrate how viruses attack your hard-drive in a brilliantly humorous, and memorable way.

In the first set of ads, Dokken (as AdFreak calls it) "air-humps" the chicken until it explodes, the next one has the chicken pulling a switchblade on them (of course).

In The Hoff spots, he's having his way with an oscillating fan. As there's no way to explain The Hoff, I'll let you watch these spots for yourself.

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