Among Amsterdam's Millions of Bikes, is Arnold.

A few months ago, ad agency Arnold created a new campaign to promote the opening of their office in Amsterdam, and used one of the iconic components of the city to announce their arrival. Arnold created a campaign around a curvy red bike called Arnold, whose design spelled out its own name. Swiss designer Juri Zaech worked to create a bike frame that spells the name A-r-n-o-l-d--becoming a mobile billboard for the agency. 

“The bike says Arnold, the streets say Amsterdam and the social networks do the rest. It's advertising in its purest sense. It is both beautifully designed and functional, which pretty much sums up some of the best design this country has to offer” says Sean Thompson, CCO Arnold Amsterdam.

The bike can be seen on the Arnold bike website and on Twitter. The bike even has its own Linkedin page.

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