Advertising Agency Ayzenberg Group Offers an Unprecedented Guarantee on Social Media Performance.

We live in an era where marketing programs are deemed successful based on their ROI (return on investment). At the same time, social media—one of the more popular forms of marketing, tends to be amiquos in terms of the ability to track ROI. Ad agency Ayzenberg Group calls this the "Vagueness of Virality."

They also have a program replacing this vagueness with a guarantee of performance.

Ayzenberg's "Earned Media Multiplier Guarantee" is a bespoke program where agency and client work hand-in-hand to develop integrated earned media campaigns that include performance guarantees. The guarantees are based on forecasts of what agency activities can achieve, such as number of views for videos or successful activation of a social community around a brand.

"We are predicting and then guaranteeing an earned media multiplier, which is the additional performance that can be generated with an integrated earned media campaign," said Simon Ward, Director of Strategic Development, Ayzenberg Group. "The holy grail of social and earned has been to maximize results and have some level of accountability that the campaign will reach consumers and impact their purchase and brand loyalty decisions. Our approach comes closest than any before it to address this on both fronts."

Ayzenberg clearly feels confident in their experience in building and managing social media campaigns--understanding what combination of activities effectively moves the needle and what are the measurements that matter most. So confident, they guarantee it. 


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