Applebee’s Lunch Decoy: The Perfect Use for an Inflatable Doll.

There are multiple uses for an inflatable doll. Most do not bare bear repeating on this website. But a new application has perked our ears.

Applebee’s, the fast casual restaurant chain, has launched a to tongue-in-cheek campaign for their new Pick 'N Pair lunch featuring an inflatable doll as a “Lunch Decoy.”

The concept is designed to encourage workers to get out of the office and head to Applebee’s for lunch.

“Introducing Applebee’s Lunch Decoy: Your inflatable ticket to the lunch break you deserve.”

All workers have to do is place the Applebee’s lunch decoy in their office chair, and their bosses will think they’re working through lunch!

The best part of this campaign? Applebee's is actually selling these dolls through Amazon for $6.99. You can choose from six different models such as The Executive or The Cubicle Queen.

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