Arden Reed: High-end Men’s Tailoring with a Technology Twist

We all have a unique physical shape—some of us have long legs and a short torso; others have broader shoulders and a thinner waist—or vice a versa. It is our lot in life—what we were born with. Unfortunately, the fashion industry fits to the broadest common denominator—the sizes and proportions that “fit” most American consumers.

For Mike Abadi, one of the co-founders of Arden Reed, it was frustrating that he could never find anything that fit well to what he calls his “odd shape”—“I'm tall and have a smaller torso… I always looked like I was wearing my Dad's clothes.” So, during a school trip to Hong Kong, he ended up getting a tailored suit.

It changed his life.  

“I looked great and by the time I got back to school all the kids kept asking me where I got the suit from.  Eventually I became the go-to guy for custom suits and I've been working at it ever since.”

The company he co-founded—Arden Reed helps men all over the world take charge of their wardrobe, offering high quality fitted clothing. They're trying to make style easy for guys.  They do custom suiting with a twist—using a combination of hi-tech 3D body scanning technology and old-world tailoring.

 “Our customers are the busy professionals,” says Mike, “the guys who want to look good, but don't have the time to look around.  That's why we've created our whole process.  We're making it effortless for these guys to become the best dressed men in the room.”  

They are a hybrid of online and in-store. And, they just wrapped up a national tour with “the tailor truck.”  “We're going to be "trucking" around NYC off the busiest areas. Their mobile tailoring truck is outfitted with the 3D body scanner, which allows Arden Reed to drive out and meet the clients and streamlines the measurement-taking process and creates a fun/unique experience. Think Food Truck meets high-end tailor with a technology twist.

Suit prices start at $400. They say that the technology they use, combined with the fact that they keep no inventory by nature of being a custom fitting company, allows them to keep highly competitive prices while still delivering an incredibly polished product.

With Arden Reed, your unique shape is no longer a problem.

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