Aunt Jemima: from minstrel show to Facebook

Aunt Jemima started out as a character in minstrel shows in the late 19th century, and was adopted in 1893 as a brand persona for pancake mix.

Now she's on Facebook, giving tours behind the scenes of how her brand's frozen breakfasts are made.

In a social media campaign devised by mega-PR firm Weber Shandwick, is a series of videos featuring veteran Aunt Jemima employees who describe the "just like homemade process" and the people behind it.

From Adweek: "The goal is really to share with America how we make our pancakes, waffles and French toast, which is exactly the way you do it at home," said Andy Reichgut, vp of marketing, Pinnacle Foods, "We're proud of the process we use and we think it's a totally unique point of difference for our brand," Reichgut said.

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