Axe body spray releases Anarchy, a crowdsourced digital graphic novel, and fragrance for both men and women.

Axe body spray has introduced an interactive graphic novel called Anarchy as a tie-in to the introduction of its new fragrance of the same name.

Axe's core audience are teen and tween boys who swoon over Unilever’s Axe body sprays, and grooming products. Now, they'll get another whiff of Axe with a crowdsourced digital graphic novel--developed via its social marketing channels. Fans on Facebook can contribute to the storylines which can be passively viewed on YouTube.

The company's new Anarchy fragrance is being introduced for both men and women (let's face it--boys and girls). Marketing to women is new for Axe which dominates the men’s body spray market with a 74 percent share in the U.S. (they're known as "Lynx" outside The States). They'll introduce Anarchy in limited quantities for women--test marketing to see if they can cross over. We're not sure why they've chosen such a male dominated segment as graphical novels for its first launch tie-in, but we'll trust that the brand experts at Unilever know what they are doing.

The graphic novel is being written by former DC Comics' Scott Lobdell and created by digital agency Razorfish along with Aspen Comics, and follows the adventures of the Anarchy Girls. The advertising campaign is by the London office of Bartle Bogle Hegarty.

Sources: The New York Times and brandchannel

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