Axe gives teenage boys an extra Hot Merry Christmas gift

Axe knows who their audience is--post-pubescent teenage boys who have one thing on their mind.

So, what is more fitting than a nearly-soft core porn video of two scantily clad Santa's helpers riding a bucking bronco of a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

It is Axe's way of showcasing AXE CELEBRATIONS, a program as a new way of celebrating the special dates of the year. AXE CELEBRATIONS is a Facebook application which allows you to send special messages to friends. The app is that users can choose to receive the message at any time, or send "hot" messages to their friends on the days that they want to celebrate throughout the year. The video of Rudolph and his helpers is interactive--asking users to pull the ribbon to see what's inside, and personalized with your name on the holiday card--as you need to give the app access to your Facebook profile.

In order to use the app, teenage boys must install the application on their Facebook profiles, and allow the app functionalities to be able to send a message to any of their friends.

Oh, and because of the adult-like content, the app asks that users be at least 16 years old--which, if their audience strictly adhered to, would slice off half of the targeted teenagers.

You can access the application, and launch the video here.

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