Baby carrots, "The original orange doodles" takes on Doritos, and kid's salty snack addictions

Who saw this one coming?

The carrot industry is revving up a marketing campaign to push baby carrots to kids.

Bolthouse Farms and nearly 50 other carrot growers are launching the industry's first-ever marketing campaign. 

And, they're taking aim at the $18 billion salty snack food industry, with packaging that looks like Doritos bags (the other orange food), and a tagline "The original orange doodles."

"It's not an anti-junk-food campaign," says Jeff Dunn, Bolthouse Farms CEO and a former North America president at Coca-Cola. "It takes a page out of junk food's playbook and applies it to baby carrots."

"We're happy to serve as an inspiration," Frito-Lay spokesman Chris Kuechenmeister says. "We know people don't eat enough fruits and vegetables. We applaud any effort to provide consumers with a wider range of snacking options."

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