Ben & Jerry's no longer claims to be "all natural"

Ben & Jerry's announced they'll be removing "all-natural" from their labels.

The folksy brand, now owned by Unilever, has consistently assured consumers that they're the same as they've always been. But this change in status is going to require a bit of PR spin to keep that claim alive.

You see, it turns out some of Ben & Jerry's flavors contain ingredients like hydrogenated oils, invert sugar, and corn syrup. The watchdog group The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) contacted Ben & Jerry's last month saying the company "cultivated an image of integrity," but it's been "making a misleading use of the term 'natural.' "

It seems the FDA does not have an official definition of "natural," so it is pretty much up to the manufacturer to decide what's "all natural."

"We're committed to rBGH-free dairy, cage-free eggs, and fair trade." according to the company's official press release. They also say they've consistently followed FDA guidelines and have been truthful and transparent in their labeling.

Regardless, Ben & Jerry's have decided to drop "all natural" from their labels,

Source: Slashfood


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