BrewDog has crafted The World’s Strongest and World’s Most Expensive Beer--to be served inside of a dead animal

Four squirrels, seven weasels and a hare have unwillingly participated in one of the most unusual marketing promotions.

"If you are easily offended, we don't care."

The Scottish craft brewing company, BrewDog has created "End of History" beer--made of 55% alcohol, with a $765 price tag, and packaged inside of a dead, perserved animal.

Fortunately, for the animals, there were just 12 bottles produced. And, they've sold out.

Inspiration came, apparently, from a story about rival German beer brewers killing a plushie squirrel, named Mr. Stoat, with a sausage link. This squirrel was only trying to protect Brew Dog's owner by sacrificing himself to the German competitor's wrath.

It is all very tongue-in-cheek--except for the dead animals.

"At BrewDog we want to push the boundaries and challenge people’s perceptions about what beer is and how it can be enjoyed. We ultimately want to show people that there is an alternative to the mainstream, generic beers and make other people as passionate about craft beer as we are."

“In true BrewDog fashion we've torn up convention, blurred distinctions and pushed brewing and beer packaging to its absolute limits,” the site reads.”This beer is an audacious blend of eccentricity, artistry and rebellion; changing the general perception of beer one stuffed animal at a time. The impact of The End of History is a perfect conceptual marriage between art, taxidermy and craft brewing. The bottles are at once beautiful and disturbing – they disrupt conventions and break taboos, just like the beer they hold within them.”

If you're disgusted by the thought of drinking a $765 beer from a dead squirrel, you won't want to hear about BrewDog's 32% Tactical Nuclear Penguin.

Hat tip to Maringuy and Towleroad

The End of History from BrewDog on Vimeo.

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