Brian Solis to Pivot Conference

The producers of the Pivot Conference have announced a new Editorial Director and Host for their annual marketing conference.

The inagural conference, held last October in New York City, was led by tech-conference legend Chris Shipley with a focus on how to market to Generation Y.

This year, the conference organizers have chosen social media author Brian Solis as editorial lead, and a different mission for the conference.

Last year, Shipley put-on an extremely well-organized conference that unfortunately lacked an insider's connection to the intended audiences--brand marketers, agencies, and Generation Y.

All can be forgiven in that Shipley is not a member of either community.

This year, the conference pivots shifts its direction to be focused on helping brand marketers and their agencies bridge the gap between the buying and influencing behavior of "Social Consumers"--the latest buzz-phrase wafting through the social media-frenzied world.

In Solis they have a guru in social media who has demonstrated a skill on the speaking curcuit, as an author, and social media agency executive.

While not a brand marketer or agency media buyer or big-agency strategist, Solis should have the "Social Consumers" at heart as he plans the new conference.

"There are many conferences that present marketers with case studies, best practices and panels on social media. And while learning from these experiences is important, Pivot is different," Solis is quoted in a statement. "This conference is not just about following the examples of others, but rather finding the inspiration to blaze a new trail for everyone to follow. And that makes Pivot better.”

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