Burger King bullies McDonald's into pulling ad, claiming it broke the rules of competitive advertising

Burger King is whopping mad is upset about a McDonald's television spot that ran in Germany. It seems it crossed the lines of competitive fair play by being what Burger King calls "degrading."

McDonald's has apparently agreed to pull the spot from commercial television, but fortunately for us it is still running on YouTube.

The ad features a little boy who has McDonald's lunch stolen by bullies every day. Eventually he disguises the lunch in a Burger King bag. Problem solved. No one wants his lunch anymore.

Burger King issued a statement saying, "McDonald's has broken the rules of comparative advertising by degrading the Burger King brand."

Advertising Age reports that the ad was created by McDonald's agencies Tribal DDB and German shop Heye & Partners, and was not been approved by McDonald's.

We think the spot is brillant work. ich liebe es!

(Image source EATER)

(Additional video source in case the ad has been pulled from YouTube)

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