Burger King dethrones its King

The monarchy has fallen.

There will be something missing from fast food giant Burger King's newest advertising--its King.

“The King is not our brand,” said Steve Wiborg, Burger King’s North America president. “He resonates with a certain age demographic and in certain media. I don’t think he has general mass market appeal.”

The Miami Herald is reporting that Burger King's new advertising agency--McGarryBown, will be putting the signature King mascot on a hiatus, excluding him from any upcoming U.S. advertising.

Like McDonalds, who some question whether their mascot--Ronald McDonald, still resonates with today's audiences, needs to update their image to compete.

Burger King is in the process of revising its menu and upgrading its stores to a sleeker, more modern look after years of catering to male "Super Fans" and focusing on their Dollar menu. Look for more salads, real fruit smoothies and wraps--but not under the King's watch.

Additional source: NY Daily News

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