Burger King's four-Whopper patty NY Pizza Burger: Obesity in a box

Burger King has created the king of all sandwiches--the NY Pizza Burger.

The giant, heart-clogging concoction contains four Whopper patties, slices of pepperoni and mozzarella cheese with marinara and "Tuscan sauce" on a giant sesame seed bun.

We have to image that like a pizza, it is meant to SHARE with others. Otherwise the 2,530 calories, 144 grams of fat and 3,780 milligrams of sodium is sure to kill off BK's fan base due to an assortment of obesity-traced illnesses.

In fact, BK says the burger is meant to feed six people.

We hope there's a warning label to that affect, or maybe cafeteria room monitors to ensure no one is over-eating.

Burger King clearly needs to get past feeding its mostly male "Super Fans" in order to compete with the other big fast food chains. But this addition to the menu seems to only draw more of its teen-to-20-something male visitors.

Source: Slashfood

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