Burlesque meets Sparkling Water: Dita Von Teese hawks for Perrier

They put photos of missing children on milk cartons. And, sports celebrities grace the boxes of Wheaties cereal.

Now, Perrier is placing the image of an American burlesque star on its "Paparazzi" cans and bottles.

Introducing Dita Von Teese for Perrier.

Priya Shaheed, brand manager of Nestle Waters UK, is quoted in Brand Republic as saying that artistic impressions of Dita Von Teese will be placed on the limited edition cans and bottles to "create a great standout on shelf and appeal to both new and existing consumers".

The cans and bottles are just part of Von Teese's deal with Perrier.

She can be seen provocatively pouring Perrier over her lingerie-clad body in an ad (see below).

And, she even has her own fantastically innovative Perrier/Von Teese interactive website with the adult warning splash screen: "This website contains scenes that young viewers may find disturbing."

Von Teese is noted for her classic retro style, largely inspired by Betty Grable, and pin-up model Bettie Page.
She has appeared on the covers of fetish magazines and has been featured in Playboy, as well as mainstream fashion magazines.

Shaheed said: "The Perrier brand has always been edgy, and we are delighted to be working with Dita Von Tesse."

Perrier has also worked with artists including Andy Warhol, Raymond Savignac, Bernard Villemot and Kiraz.
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